President Samia Suluhu Hassan has launched the National Clean Cooking Energy Strategy in Dar es Salaam.

She has called upon the private sector to invest massively in the sector, including technology, to enable every citizen to easily access clean cooking energy.

The Head of State said the newly launched dossier provides a roadmap as the country targets 80 percent of the population to use clean cooking energy by 2034.

The President said that apart from lowering costs, the strategy will enhance the country’s efforts in fighting against the effects of climate change.

It is estimated that 469,420 hectares of forests are being destroyed each year for the sake of firewood and charcoal.

November 2023, the African Women Clean Cooking Support Programme (AWCCSP) global clean cooking energy campaign received a massive boost at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The ground-breaking initiative, championed by President Samia Suluhu Hassan, was launched on the sidelines of the conference and aims to provide clean cooking technologies to women and girls in Africa to reduce the use of wood, charcoal, and other traditional forms of biomass.

In Africa, almost 80 per cent of the population uses wood and charcoal for cooking, the leading cause of indoor pollution which has devastating effects on the health of women and children.

President Samia rallied fellow African leaders and representatives to accelerate clean cooking solutions in the region and help transition some 900 million Africans from biomass fuels to more affordable and environmentally friendly options over the next couple of years.